Why I Almost Didn't Want To Go On Vacation

For the past week, I have been on vacation.
1) I almost didn't want to go.
2) I completely unplugged from my emails.
3) I almost didn't want to come home.
All true.

The short answer is that I got stuck in a mindset. My mind was on go-go-go mode. I felt like I had too much going on to take a vacation, even though it had been planned for quite some time. I felt I needed to stay behind my desk to accomplish more before I could take "time off". This is when I knew I really need to take time-off the most. I was putting others (and tasks) before my own well-being. I couldn't get through to the idea of relaxing, or relate to being relaxed. We shouldn't get to this point, but when we do-- it's time to unplug and take a step back.

I promised myself that, when I set foot on that cruise ship, I was going to stop worrying about work. The only way for me to set work-worries aside is to not check emails. I activated my email vacation auto-responder, stuck to my word, and let myself just relax while on my trip. It worked! I set boundaries and I stuck to what I said I'd do.

The short answer here is that I learned to relax and got used to the idea of "turning it off". I love my home so of course I wanted to return, but being able to breathe and let my mind focus on more light-heartedness made me feel alive. I also love the sun, sand, ocean, meeting people, and learning new things.

I relearned that, the more I go away, the more of me I find.

I found ME again on this vacation. Not that I'm not "me" when I'm not on vacation, I realize I'm just way more "work-me" when I'm not away and I let that Liz completely take over. I'm hardworking, organized, intelligent, educated, calculated, and so on... but I almost forgot how light-hearted, bold, daring, and fun I know I am, too!

Remember that you have to have a life to have work-life balance.

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Crown Bay, Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands

Crown Bay, Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands


When it sounds like someone is blaming you for something, it's a reflection of what's going on inside of them...

There are many instances for which blame is what it is: someone did something / people did something / a group did something. It can be very black and white.

When someone blames you for doing this-and-that, be aware of how you're feeling when you're blamed. The traits we tend to dislike in others are usually traits we do not like about ourselves / our past. The same for those who are placing the blame on you / others. These need to be healed.

We have to be held accountable for our own actions, our own feelings, our own outcomes. Hold yourself accountable.

Do not blame unless you're ready to face those consequences. When you're blamed, take a step back and examine what's really happening.

Heal. Live. Keep going. 💛

Photography by Juan Pablo Cadenas | IG @juanpsa

Photography by Juan Pablo Cadenas | IG @juanpsa