Meet Liz Strom


Liz Strom helps you...
(CAREER) Find the position, sharpen your resume, rock the interview like a boss, get the job.
(LIFE) Get clear with what you want/need, organize priorities, shift you in the most positive of directions, et al

She writes, speaks, leads workshops, empowers, builds communities, mentors, & holds a sacred place for clarity-bringing conversations.

Workshops? Yes!
Stress-management, career development, healthy living, relationship growing, Desire Mapping, "Fire Starting" (The Fire Starter Sessions)

Interactive. Creative. Empowering.

Learn more...

Liz Strom is founder of Creative Calm Solutions LLC, a transformational life coach, author, survivor, speaker, advocate, mother, friend, and more. Her passion and dedication in working and collaborating with others has been life-long, with proven results. 

Liz facilitates workshops, discussions, and interactive master classes all over the country (please see the "Events" page for a list of public courses). Topics of discussions / interest include stress-management, conflict resolution, team building, career path improvement, self-care, relationships and communications, desire mapping, and more.

Liz is a licensed facilitator of The Desire Map, earned a Bachelors of Science in Business Management from George Mason University, has a minor in Religious Studies, and completed her Deep-Dive Transformational Courses through Holistic MBA. Her clients' identities, stories, and locations are all kept confidential--- but include writers, business owners, executive-level business management professionals, people seeking better self-care and self-love, businesses in need of stress-reduction and/or conflict resolution, college students seeking career/life direction, et al. 

(as described by Gallup): Maximizer, Positive, Woo, Empath, Communicator
As described by clientele:
Motivating, fun, engaging, creative, calm, nonjudgmental
As described by friends/family: Calming, super organized, loving, strong, fun

Getting a life coach was something foreign to me at first. I thought a life coach would just tell me what to do with my life & push me to my limits uncomfortably. This is not the case with Liz (Strom) at all. She has led me forward, without judging me, and lets me just be me.
— Meg P., Washington D.C.


I'm happiest...
When I'm traveling and learning (and eating)

I frequently find myself...
Making friends wherever I go

More than anything…
The world needs more understanding and compassion. We need to unite and work on ourselves so our relationships may strengthen.

My dream home...
Located in a city, not too far from a sandy / sunny beach, with lots of natural light, cushy sofas & a large patio to entertain guests. 


My daily pleasures…
Latte macchiatos, bread and butter, & books

I wish I could…
Contort myself into the mermaid yoga pose comfortably (so beautiful!)

Nothing beats…
Organic facials, the beach, & weekend NYC eating trips. Recharging and exploring are important!

I never leave home without…
My cell phone 

Scented candles and fresh flowers

Liz Strom is like an ocean. Her depth and understanding soothe the soul. She has experienced a life time worth of experiences that have afforded her the space to BE the healing sanctuary she is to her clients, friends and family. She just knows.
— Marilyn R., Huntsville, AL