Meet Liz Strom


Liz Strom helps you...
[CAREER] Find the position, sharpen your resume, rock the interview like a boss, get the job.
[LIFE] Get clear with what you want/need, organize priorities, shift you in the most positive of directions, et al
[RELATIONSHIPS] Create a safe space for open communication, strengthen safe connection(s), disconnect from unhealthy bonds, learn strategies and characteristics of relationships that rock (so yours will!)

Workshops? Yes!
Stress-management, career development, healthy living, relationship building, empowered planning, and more! Email Liz at for more information on workshop facilitation and speaking engagements.

Interactive. Creative. Empowering.
Learn more...

Liz Strom is founder of Creative Calm Solutions LLC, a transformational life coach, writer, survivor, speaker, advocate, and more. Her passion and dedication in working and collaborating with others has been life-long, with proven results. 

Liz facilitates workshops, discussions, and interactive classes all over the country (please see the "
Events" page for a list of public engagements). Topics of discussions / interest include stress-management, conflict resolution, team building, career path improvement, self-care, relationships and communications, desire mapping, and more.

Liz is a licensed workshop facilitator of The Fire Starter Sessions, is a member of The National Résume Writers' Association, and earned a Bachelors of Science in Business Management from George Mason University. She continues to study breakthrough methods under Tony Robbins, Cloé Madanes, Mark Peysha, and Magali Peysha (Robbins-Madanes).

Her clients' identities, stories, and locations are all kept confidential---and include people seeking career change, business owners, executive-level business management professionals, people seeking better self-care and self-love, businesses offering stress-reduction and/or conflict resolution workshops to its employees, college students seeking career/life direction, partners seeking stronger relationship connections, and more.

(as described by Gallup): Maximizer, Positive, Woo, Empath, Communicator
As described by clientele:
Motivating, fun, engaging, creative, calm, nonjudgmental
As described by friends/family: Calming, super organized, loving, strong, fun

I could write an essay on how much [Liz] has helped me - not just on the career coaching part but also on being positive and having a new outlook on my future. She quite honestly made this process so much more efficient for me and 100% took out the anxiety part and replaced that with excitement and hope!
— Penelope V., San Francisco, CA


I'm happiest...
When I'm traveling and learning (and eating)

I frequently find myself...
Making friends, and giving advice (when asked), wherever I go

More than anything…
The world needs more understanding and compassion. We need to unite, as well as work on ourselves, so our relationships may strengthen.

My dream home...
Located in a city, not too far from a sandy / sunny beach, with lots of natural light, cushy sofas & a large patio to entertain guests. 


My daily pleasures…
Latte macchiatos, bread and butter, & books

I wish I could…
Have coffee with Oprah, Tony Robbins, and Marie Forleo. These powerhouses rock my world!

Nothing beats…
Organic facials, the beach, & weekend NYC trips. Recharging and exploring are important!

I never leave home without…
My cell phone 

Scented candles and fresh flowers

Liz Strom is like an ocean. Her depth and understanding soothe the soul. She has experienced a life time worth of experiences that have afforded her the space to BE the healing sanctuary she is to her clients, friends and family. She just knows.
— Marilyn R., Huntsville, AL