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“I used Liz for her resume writing services and am beyond pleased with the results. I researched extensively to find the right resume writer that fits my needs. I'm a recent college graduate and needed a strong resume for entry-level positions. Liz listened to what I was looking for and offered her suggestions. She told me what she could do for me and was confident in her abilities to deliver. Liz made me feel comfortable and was available for contact throughout the whole process. My resume, as well as a cover letter template, was completed in a few days, and I started submitting applications. I applied to a company I had previously applied to months earlier and never got a response back. I applied again using Liz's new resume and had an interview in less than a week. I got the job shortly after, and it's all thanks to Liz. Without her help, I wouldn't have gotten an interview. I am forever grateful for Liz helping me get my first job and will be using her resume writing services in the future if needed!”
-Zane G., New Orleans, LA

"When I was looking for help to secure a position after recently moving to the DC area, I found Liz Strom's website and I knew right off she would be a terrific coach. I spoke to some other coaches regarding price and their outlooks, but Liz still stuck after some searching and I signed up for her career consulting package. She is really positive, energetic, and keeps you moving in the right direction. She's a really great motivator as well. I would highly recommend her if you are looking for someone to help you to move you forward to accomplish your goals."
-Lesley M., Washington D.C.

"Liz Strom is like an ocean. Her depth and understanding soothe the soul. She has experienced a life time worth of experiences that have afforded her the space to BE the healing sanctuary she is to her clients, friends and family. She just knows."
-Marilyn Rodriguez, Huntsville, AL (

"You are truly an angel sent from heaven.  Your calm demeanor and your way to make me see situations in a much clearer way, have truly inspired me to be a better person.  I have been really blessed to have crossed paths with you.  I love, adore, and appreciate your willingness to always listen and offer up some guidance when needed."  
-Leshia C., San Francisco, CA

"When I met Liz at a Women’s Retreat in 2011, I knew immediately that she was here to help others. Her soft energy and open heart shone brightly.  Her path has been challenging , to say the least; however, she is a true warrior and survivor. She definitely has “walked the walk” and has a unique ability to guide others through their soul development challenges.  I am blessed to know her."
-Rev. Dr. Bonnie K. Schindler, PA

"There aren't enough words, or time, for me to describe her [Liz], but I will make an attempt. Liz radiates positivity throughout all the times I've known her.  Her most noticeable aspect is her genuine kindness, generosity, diligence, grace, and care for other people.  Over the years I have seen evidence of it repeatedly, from her organizing and hosting numerous gatherings in her home, to her organizing, marketing, and greeting everyone at public social events with a smile; however, there is much more to her.  She has a quiet courage and resilience that is rare, even among Army combat units which I was part of.  Even being faced with life disabling and life-threatening health conditions for an extended period of time, she continued maintaining her qualities I mentioned above.  In short, she is a person of depth and character.  Being such a person gives her the rare ability to understand people at a deep level, and be able to better coach and transform them."
-Jude L., Arlington, VA

"I have known liz for over 10 years, she is an excellent person, a person you can lean on and also a person that is always there for you when you need her. She is a great coordinator,  promoter, experienced program manager, and a mentor.  She can see the good in others and help them bring it out within themselves.  Liz is an excellent communicator, with great interpersonal skills. She is outgoing, dependable, organized, and an example to others on how to live your life and how to care for others.  She is an inspiration to others and she lights up a room when she walks in. I am proud to call her a friend."
-Robert G., Dumfries, VA

"How do you say a few "kind words" about someone whose kindness speaks volumes? Liz is, by far, one of the most positive, compassionate, & kind-hearted people I know. It is, for this reason, that I seek her ear & council. Not because she says "you can achieve the impossible" or because she says "everything will be ok", but more so because she makes you want to TRY. Her ability to invoke the confidence & courage one needs to take that final leap, towards achieving a goal, is nothing short of a gift. Win or lose, conquer or fail; it's irrelevant. Knowing you stood up, went for it, and were present for yourself is a victory in itself. It's a no-brainer that I will continue to seek Liz for all of my coaching needs. I can't thank her enough for all she has done and will do for me and my future. Thanks Again Liz!'
-Essie T., Washington D.C.

"Liz, you are a role model, a great friend, an inspiration, and a little goofbal!  You make me smile and have demonstrated to never give up, despite the challenges life throws my way. You are selfless, very creative, and extremely caring. I mean it when I say we need more people like you in this world!"
-Veronica M., Arlington, VA

"Liz has been an inspiration to me, especially as she tackles her own challenges and obstacles. The Internal strength and drive which she has is an example that we should all emulate and learn from. She is both the formal an informal leader that can bring out the best in everyone and anyone. Liz, you are an incredible woman and, as a man believe me when I say, If I had a daughter, I truly wish that she would carry your spirit, smile, and drive."
 -Evert O., Dumfries, VA


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