The "Coach" Hat v. The "Friend" Hat

"I don't need a life coach. I have friends who will give me the advice I need to succeed in life." ~Anonymous

I am both a great friend and a great coach.

As a friend, I listen, I nurture, I'm there "no matter what", celebrate milestones and birthdays with each, share my closet with them, exchange recipes, share my secrets and promise not to tell theirs, we shop together, and can chit-chat for hours over nothing at all.

My clients have friends!
I have friends!

As a coach, I am hired to do life-altering work: to create a sacred space of confidentiality so that I may ask questions that can sometimes be difficult to answer, listen to what they believe their needs and wants are, use my intuition to guide them through to answer(s) to achieve their highest good, and more. It is my job to "tell it like it is" (albeit respectfully), empower, remove emotional blockages, follow-up via email after each scheduled session, keep up with correspondence, and more- professionally. I do all it takes in the time we have together to make magic happen.

If a friend would like transformation via coaching by me: the friend hat stays on outside of the coaching. Likewise, if a client would like to be a friend, the coaching hat only stays on during our sessions. This set of boundaries helps to provide direction  towards constructive sessions... and we save the ice cream and shopping for later!

Isn't a "coach" just someone who gives advice?
Not necessarily
A good coach not only makes suggestions, but works with his/her clients to make things happen. A good coach will hold his/her clients accountable for the objectives that have been set. A good coach will do the preparatory work, have a constructive meeting with his/her client, and will follow-up with it all. A great coach will do all that, and move you so that you FEEL the work you are doing is worth it. After all--- you ARE worth it!

Cheers to you all, friends, colleagues, & clients! :)