Why It All Starts With YOU

It's Monday. You hit the snooze on your alarm a few times before getting up, finally will your way out of bed, wake up the kids, throw together breakfast so everyone can get a move on, throw some clothes on, pile everyone into the car, and get your day going. You drop the kids off at school quickly, race down the road to work, walk-in and plop yourself down at your desk. You made it on time, there are no problems to face, yet… you still feel disheveled. Your co-workers seem to pass you, and each other, by and do the same at their desks. You wonder what you're doing at a job that you so desperately sought after a few years ago...

Why the long face? Shouldn't this be an amazing life? You have a great house, beautiful children, food to put on the table, a job, co-workers, and Starbucks in front of you, but you're not happy.

We can break it all down, but in short: it all begins with you.

When you operate at a higher level / vibration, others will take on that energy too. People will seem to operate at a similarly higher level / vibration, therefore making life feel that much more vibrant. You'll start to feel more gratitude towards what your day (life!) has to offer, and you won't feel that sense of lack. 

How to operate at a higher-level / vibration? Break your day down and take baby steps with each task. Give each task a little more "oomph", and watch the mundane transform. Get a little more sleep at night so you don't feel like snoozing to an alarm. When you wake up your kids, do it with a little more love and sunshine (they'll feel it and will wake up feeling the sunshine from all angles!). Make breakfast with great gratitude that you HAVE food and can nourish your little ones, and yourself, with delicious delights. Dress yourself according to what you want to feel like during the day. Since you're not running late, you won't feel like rushing the kids into the car and hurrying off to school. Speak loving words when you drop your children off. Say "hi" with a smile (& mean it) when you walk into work. By the time you get to your desk, you'll be feeling light and prepared to get things moving! Your co-workers will feel your energy and be drawn to it. The sunshine you bring in will be infectious, therefore spreading to the environment around you, making for a positive day. 

Things will happen during the day that could bring the vibration downwards, but you have control over how you deal with these situations / people. It beings with you. Keep it up, and watch things transform!