Gratitude, Awareness, & Abundance

Wedding Bells, Samosa Bites, Glittery Henna, and… 

On Sunday, I had the pleasure of bouncing around at a wedding expo with a close friend of mine. We gathered freebie trinkets from exhibitors, noshed on samples of scrumptious appetizers from international caterers, wrapped ourselves in beautiful silk scarves, and chatted it up with smiley-faced vendors from all over the world. There was dance music, mood-shifting uplighting, lavish decor, amber candlelight, and scores of excited brides getting glittery mehndi / henna designs drawn onto their hands. Afterwards, my friend and I left, played outside in the colorful Fall foliage, pretended to have a mini photo shoot by the trees, and rummaged through our exciting expo "swag bags". It was like Halloween as a kid all over again! I had a bag full of goodies, was out of breath from running through the trees, and I was excited to see what goodies awaited me! 

When I returned home, I dumped my goody bag out onto my bed and paused. I took a deep breath, smiled, and thanked God for all I had just experienced. I was so full of gratitude and had to let it fully be acknowledged before continuing my evening.

I closed my eyes and let the day really sink in.

As I recounted each experience of the day, my heart grew even warmer. My breath slowed and became very steady, my smile widened, my soul radiated a blinding golden light, and my mind's eye saw flashes of excerpts of the day in such vibrancy! It was as if I were seeing my afternoon replay again in brilliant cinematic form with FEELING. GREAT BEAUTIFUL JOYOUS FREE-FLOWING FEELING. 
My acknowledgement of my happiness made my happy-state even longer-lived. 

When you're happy, acknowledge that happiness by honoring what/who it is that makes you joyous. Bring yourself to specifically identify those instances in your life that you are truly grateful for and make it a habit to give heart-felt recognition to all that warms you. Gratitude isn't just a quality of being thankful… it's a practice that is life-infusing!

I guarantee you: Once you identify the people and things in your life that you ARE thankful for, your mind, body, heart, and soul will respond.
 You'll FEEL better and will start to notice other things you're thankful for. It's like a domino effect!

With so much love, light, and gratitude for you,