A Mini-Story Told By My Sikh Uber Driver

I am blessed to come across so many interesting souls as I travel, work, network, shop... and take Uber! About two weeks ago, I came across a beautiful spirit who drove me from my daughter's school, home.

This gentle Sikh man looked at me in his rear-view mirror and said, "I can tell you're a very good person. I think you help people, right?". This, of course, made me smile the biggest, most cheesiest smile that week. I looked at him and replied, "I hope so! I do what I can for my family, friends, clients, and whoever I come in contact with!". He smiled largely and told me a story that  "suits me well". It's so worth sharing and I hope you enjoy this as much as I did!

"A boy and his mother walked into a pharmacy. The shop keeper looked at the chubby boy and smiled. The boy smiled back, then the shop owner offered him candy. "Come, boy. Take as much candy as you want. Go ahead, take!". The boy looked into the jar, then looked at the man and said: "I don't want to take from you, sir. Can you give it to me instead?". The man smiled and agreed. He took candy from the jar and placed the handful into the boy's bag.

The mother, watching all of this, got upset with her son. "Why did you make him do that?!? You should have just taken from the jar! He was giving something to you!". The boy replied, "Look at my hands. They are very small, and his are very big. Whenever I take, I get very little. Whenever I receive, it's bigger than what I can take!". The man and his mother smiled and had to nod in agreement, and they were all very happy."

The Uber driver continued to say, "Whenever God puts something in your hands, it's more than we can take alone from life. Open your hands and your heart, and you will receive. You will give it away, and you will receive some more. That's what you do."

So much inspiration and love was given in this short 4 minute ride. :)