Career Change: Weigh Your Options

Have you been thinking about leaving your job for a new position? Have you contemplated switching fields? Ever wonder what it’d be like to change career paths? Do you feel overwhelmed when thinking about a change of scenery? Sit down for ten minutes and give yourself the time to weigh your options. 

Grab a piece of paper and answer the following questions:
-What would be the pros of leaving your position? 
-What would be the cons? 
-How would you benefit from staying? 
-What benefits would come if you left? 
-What have you been interested in doing for a living? 
-What would you never want to do again? 
-What lights you up? 
-What weighs you down? 
-Who could you reach out to that could provide further information to you in regards to the positions you’re interested in? 
-What are your salary requirements? 
-What benefits are important to you? 

Write down your answers and start looking for available positions, according to your work-life preferences. 

It doesn’t hurt to look around! If your gut is telling you it’s time to leave, listen. If it’s only about more money, think harder... 💛 

Liz Strom


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Aurora Zen Lifestyle Magazine - July 2018 Issue

Aurora Zen Lifestyle Magazine - July 2018 Issue