The Glow Recipe

From hard times to "the best times ever", sadness to incomprehensible joy, loss to gain, complex to simple, dull and mundane to bright and exciting-- you've got to find your recipe to succeed.

I'm a complicated person but in a good way. My recipe for success is probably going to be different from yours, but that's ok because we have our own lives and our own dreams/goals.

My recipe is based on a feeling:
When I feel like I'm glowing, I feel like I'm in-balance and rocking life. Without the feeling of balance, I feel off-kilter. There are additional ingredients that make my life feel more vivacious, alive, and sparkling, but for now-- let's get focus on building a foundation to "glow".

Here's my GLOW RECIPE:

1) Preparedness: Preparing myself by getting my work done, doing my homework, finishing the majority of my tasks before I start something new, buying groceries before feeling hungry, cleaning the house here-and-there before a surprise visitor might come

2) Grounding: Standing in my truth, deep breathing, intending to be the best version of me, understanding that I'm enough just as I am, remembering my core values before making decisions

3) Self-Care: Drinking enough water, giving myself time to gather my thoughts, stretch-breaks while working at my desk, eating as many nutrients as I can, enjoying treats, sleeping enough hours

4) Tribe: Surrounding myself with high-vibing people, following accounts online that support my well-being, serving as a support system while reaching-out to my trusted confidants when I need the support, giving and receiving love through kindness and care

Depending on what is happening in my life, there is much more to each of these bullet points.

Let's focus on YOUR recipe now.

1) Recipe Title: How do you want to feel? Take your top want-to-feel feeling and use that in the place of "glow". Do you want to feel amazing? Then this is your "Amazing Recipe" (and so on).

2) Ingredients: What makes you feel the way you want to feel? Take the top 4-5 things that make you feel the way you want to feel, and these will be your recipe's ingredients.

3) Ingredient Specifications: How can you incorporate these into your life today and the next day? Add these details next to each ingredient line item.

What's your recipe? I'd love to hear yours!
Email me at I promise I will not try to sell you anything. :)

I know I wasn't born to be mediocre.
Neither were you.
Sometimes we just have mediocre thoughts.
Rock your paradoxes and keep on glowing!


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