The 2019 Goddess Workshop Fundraiser

The 2019 Goddess Workshop at the Women's Day Retreat at The Zen Lounge in Manassas was outstanding!

Real, empowering, uplifting, eye-opening, informative, fun, & so much more! 🌟 #thegoddessworkshop

Yoga, meditation, noshing on the most delicious plant-based lunch, wellness vendor exhibits, impromptu soulful singing, fun dancing, self-care tips, life coaching, real-you talk, & more.

This year’s Goddess Workshop’s proceeds directly benefited women in a local shelter. Ebony Lambert (One With Ebony), Eileen Carlucci (Redesign Your Life, Life Coach), Liz Strom (Life/Career Coach and Founder of The Goddess Workshop), and Endira Stewart (SolJars) facilitated the day’s workshops and perspective-shifting talks. Such a talented group of powerhouse women!

Look out for what @zemzevents has in store: top-notch, authentic, heart-centered, beauteous times ahead!