Xccelerate: Entrepreneurs Moving Forward

We had a fantastic time at XCCELERATE (Entrepreneurs Moving Forward), all thanks to a vibrant group of speakers offering immensely valuable information to workshop attendees! 🌟lizstrom.com | dcbizx.org | #bizvip 🌟

Featured speakers: 
🌟Ramsey Mourad, Infinity Compass
🌟Randall Gafner, Zen and the Art of Making a Morris Chair
🌟Heike Yates. Pursue Your Spark Podcast / HEYlifetraining.com
🌟Aurelia Flores, Athena Digital Marketing Strategists
🌟Cory Brim, Sugar Rim Bar
🌟Eduardo Villavicencio, Gallup-certified Strengths Coach
🌟Wanita Niehaus, Powerhaus Consultants
🌟Liz Strom, Creative Calm Solutions LLC / espressofied .

The next Xccelerate will be an intensive, multi-day set of workshops at the very end of December. Learn how to develop your own business, write your business plan, finance it, market it well, and much more! dcbizx.org🌟 .

dcbizx.org  | Instagram:  @dcbizx

dcbizx.org | Instagram: @dcbizx