Talk about it!

Talk about it! 🌟
Engage in meaningful conversations to create change. Bring light to subjects that are bothersome and not right in the world. Voice your concerns, listen to others, brainstorm the many ways by which we can make positive waves.

If you don’t speak up, who will? Who else has to endure what you have? Why does it have to go on much longer? What step can you take towards the solution? Who can you reach out to? Where can these productive conversations take place? You are a part of the answer...


So very grateful for Thursday night’s discourse at The Wing in Washington DC with Chief of Staff Rhonda Foxx (D) & Chief of Staff Jennifer DeCasper (R), moderated by the wise DeDe Lea (Viacom, Executive VP, Global Government Relations). These women are nothing short of amazing in their efforts to “be” the difference!