Have a Fabulous Friday, but...

Today, I wrote a post on Facebook and wanted to wish all my friends a "Fabulous Friday", but then it followed with "on a real note". I'm sure we all can say we've felt like doing the same from time to time! Here was what followed...


On a real note:
Why aren't you taking care of yourselves? Why are you putting the things off that matter in the long run? Why are we stuck on quick fixes (like putting a bandaid over a cavity)? Why is it difficult to commit yourself to something, whole-heartedly, that would better serve you?

Is it fear? Neglect? FOMO? 
Feeling that you're lacking... on sleep, time, funds? And if so, why do you feel like you're lacking? Is it because you've *not* done the work you need to do--- by either checking in on your health more often? Sleeping the hours you know your body needs? Prepping healthier foods to avoid mindless snacking? Seeking out the pay rate you're worth? 

Or are you doing too much?
Giving other things attention that deserve less attention? Mindlessly "doing" and not planning/achieving? Hanging with people who don't have your best interest in mind? Too much work and not enough play? Putting that doctor's visit last (or not at all)? It's like sprinting without stretching; it will be painful later.

You need to BEGIN with committing to self-care!

I'm not asking you to meditate and do yoga (although these are GREAT ideas). I'm asking you to get REAL with yourself. 

What is it you need to do? What is it you've been neglecting? What are you afraid of? What's missing? Why stay stagnant and miserable?

If you're good--- yay! You've prepped for this!
(If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands! 👏👏)

Please. Pay attention to yourselves. Give yourself 5 minutes! Check in for a moment:
-Self, what do I need today?
-What do I know I need to get done to move forward?
-What have I been neglecting that needs attention?
-What do I need to stop doing, for my own damn good?
-Why do I say "yes" to the wild and crazy, which leave me depleted, but don't say "HAIL yes" to the things that would build me up and make me feel better?

If you want to get to the next steps, you have to take it there!

Help me, help you!!! ❤️


Kristy Yang Photography

Kristy Yang Photography