I am a double-organ transplant survivor and I've found a way to support organ donors, transplant recipients, AND their caregivers!!! Are you ready to #BeTheHero? ðŸŒŸ

I received a kidney+pancreas on June 1st, 2013 from a dear soul who passed away. He was only 22 and was already signed up to be an organ donor. Most of us don't think about dying and giving at that age, but he had. ðŸ’› He saved my life. Friends wondered why I hadn't approached them about needing a kidney. It's not like I would ever approach someone and say, "Oh, hey! Would you give a kidney to me? I need one to survive. MmKay, thanks." It doesn't work that way. But it does work this way...

A living donor can get the support they need at the same time as they give!!! The American Transplant Foundation exists to save lives by supporting donors, transplant recipients, AND their families! Since it's #GivingTuesday, this is one I hope you'll support. Help us reach our end-of-year goal! Please consider donating whatever amount you can give today. ðŸ’› http://bit.ly/lizstrom

Some of you may be thinking, "Liz, why do you still ask about organ donation? You have your organs."- Yes, but I received my organs from a cadaver donor (someone who passed away), so my kidney is said to last between 8-12 years. I'll need another transplant surgery, but not even tomorrow is guaranteed. I'm more than half way through that mark, healthy, and so grateful. I think about this often.

We have to do what we can for one another: people in need, people who need an organ transplant to survive, people willing to donate, their families, etc. It all matters. ðŸ’› Will you #BeTheHero? ðŸ’›

Please Consider Donating: http://bit.ly/lizstrom