Unite for Change

This past weekend, I had the honor of participating in a powerful project with a group of supernova women from all backgrounds and interests. We had some known things in common: the love of Salsa, the desire to create change, the need for unity, and that setting aside the time to make it happen is important.

This project has not yet been unveiled by the project's founder, but when it does--- I will let you know.

We didn't have to know one another to know that we must come together to create big change. We set aside an entire day to get this project off the ground, and will contribute as many hours necessary to see its completion through, in the name of giving back. We know the power we have within ourselves, and understand that there is power in numbers.

Unite. Connect. Do.
It's what we have to do in this world during conflict, disaster, tragedy, et al, in support of humanity.