Not because men don't deserve recognition, but because this is a call to much-needed action: #dayofthegirl

We can create a world where girls have equal rights, access to education, healthcare, & the opportunity to live into her God-given potential.

As of today:
💗 There are 1.2 billion girls on the planet, and over 62 million of them have no access to education.
💗 Each year, 15 million girls are married before the age of 18 - that’s 1 every 2 seconds. (So in the 30 seconds it’s taken you to read this, 5 girls under 18 are now married.)
💗 Child marriage usually means the end to a girl’s education, vocation and her right to make life choices.
💗 120 million girls around the globe have experienced sexual violence.
💗 Suicide is the leading cause of death for girls ages 10-19 globally.

Change is needed, and it must be created.

Thank you, Marie Forleo, for your guidance, wisdom, and leadership!


Photography by Jason Alexander, NYC "Daughter and Mother"

Photography by Jason Alexander, NYC
"Daughter and Mother"