The Glow Recipe

From hard times to "the best times ever", sadness to incomprehensible joy, loss to gain, complex to simple, dull and mundane to bright and exciting-- you've got to find your recipe to succeed.

I'm a complicated person but in a good way. My recipe for success is probably going to be different from yours, but that's ok because we have our own lives and our own dreams/goals.

My recipe is based on a feeling:
When I feel like I'm glowing, I feel like I'm in-balance and rocking life. Without the feeling of balance, I feel off-kilter. There are additional ingredients that make my life feel more vivacious, alive, and sparkling, but for now-- let's get focus on building a foundation to "glow".

Here's my GLOW RECIPE:

1) Preparedness: Preparing myself by getting my work done, doing my homework, finishing the majority of my tasks before I start something new, buying groceries before feeling hungry, cleaning the house here-and-there before a surprise visitor might come

2) Grounding: Standing in my truth, deep breathing, intending to be the best version of me, understanding that I'm enough just as I am, remembering my core values before making decisions

3) Self-Care: Drinking enough water, giving myself time to gather my thoughts, stretch-breaks while working at my desk, eating as many nutrients as I can, enjoying treats, sleeping enough hours

4) Tribe: Surrounding myself with high-vibing people, following accounts online that support my well-being, serving as a support system while reaching-out to my trusted confidants when I need the support, giving and receiving love through kindness and care

Depending on what is happening in my life, there is much more to each of these bullet points.

Let's focus on YOUR recipe now.

1) Recipe Title: How do you want to feel? Take your top want-to-feel feeling and use that in the place of "glow". Do you want to feel amazing? Then this is your "Amazing Recipe" (and so on).

2) Ingredients: What makes you feel the way you want to feel? Take the top 4-5 things that make you feel the way you want to feel, and these will be your recipe's ingredients.

3) Ingredient Specifications: How can you incorporate these into your life today and the next day? Add these details next to each ingredient line item.

What's your recipe? I'd love to hear yours!
Email me at I promise I will not try to sell you anything. :)

I know I wasn't born to be mediocre.
Neither were you.
Sometimes we just have mediocre thoughts.
Rock your paradoxes and keep on glowing!


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Why I Almost Didn't Want To Go On Vacation

For the past week, I have been on vacation.
1) I almost didn't want to go.
2) I completely unplugged from my emails.
3) I almost didn't want to come home.
All true.

The short answer is that I got stuck in a mindset. My mind was on go-go-go mode. I felt like I had too much going on to take a vacation, even though it had been planned for quite some time. I felt I needed to stay behind my desk to accomplish more before I could take "time off". This is when I knew I really need to take time-off the most. I was putting others (and tasks) before my own well-being. I couldn't get through to the idea of relaxing, or relate to being relaxed. We shouldn't get to this point, but when we do-- it's time to unplug and take a step back.

I promised myself that, when I set foot on that cruise ship, I was going to stop worrying about work. The only way for me to set work-worries aside is to not check emails. I activated my email vacation auto-responder, stuck to my word, and let myself just relax while on my trip. It worked! I set boundaries and I stuck to what I said I'd do.

The short answer here is that I learned to relax and got used to the idea of "turning it off". I love my home so of course I wanted to return, but being able to breathe and let my mind focus on more light-heartedness made me feel alive. I also love the sun, sand, ocean, meeting people, and learning new things.

I relearned that, the more I go away, the more of me I find.

I found ME again on this vacation. Not that I'm not "me" when I'm not on vacation, I realize I'm just way more "work-me" when I'm not away and I let that Liz completely take over. I'm hardworking, organized, intelligent, educated, calculated, and so on... but I almost forgot how light-hearted, bold, daring, and fun I know I am, too!

Remember that you have to have a life to have work-life balance.

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Crown Bay, Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands

Crown Bay, Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands

Celebrating Mother's Day

I love Mother's Day because it's a day to celebrate mamas and the tribe that helped them to raise our children (grandmas, aunties, sister-friends, foster mamas, et al). It takes a village! Happy Mother's Day! 💐

This day can also be difficult for others for so many reasons: yearning to be a mom, losing our moms, losing our babies, and so many other reasons. Know you are loved and I see you, too. What is lost or missing makes its way to you in other forms of love. The universe always has our backs, even if we don't quite understand the why's. Hang in there! Love, love, love to you! ❤️

🏙 Hallmark at the Create & Cultivate NYC Conference
📍Brooklyn, NY
👚@jaygodfreynyc jumpsuit

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Erika, @thecre8iveartisan, and Liz Strom with Hallmark at the Create & Cultivate NYC Conference 2019

Erika, @thecre8iveartisan, and Liz Strom with Hallmark at the Create & Cultivate NYC Conference 2019

Be a Legend

Living LEGENDARILY! Bragging? Nope, this is declaring. 🙌🏼

Far too often, we discount what we do in the world because we are afraid of other people's judgment or we compare ourselves to others. Comparison can be a killer!

Keep declaring your victories (no matter the size), keep living out loud in your own way, & keep being beautiful you. You're enough just as you are + you've accomplished beauteous things. Allow yourself to be proud of all you've done! 🙌🏼💗xx

🏙Industry Park
🌟Create & Cultivate Conference NYC
📍Brooklyn, NY
👚@jaygodfreynyc jumpsuit

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Create & Cultivate Conference NYC 2019 | Industry City, Brooklyn, NYC

Create & Cultivate Conference NYC 2019 | Industry City, Brooklyn, NYC

Create & Cultivate's Annual NYC Conference 2019

This weekend with Create & Cultivate was legendary! I met so many amazing people, sat in on some scrumptious panel conversations, met the beauteous founder of Create & Cultivate (& author of #WorkParty), Jaclyn R. Johnson, and SO MUCH MORE! 🌟

Create and Cultivate has always been a source of empowerment, inspiration, motivation, and innovation for me, and to so many others. We learn that we must be authentic in our everyday lives, business included, and learn how to restructure our work-lives so that it feels more balanced. We got down to business at this conference, and got down at the same time. Music, Instagrammable moments, sips and bites, leadership panels, wise take-aways, and grocery bag-sized goody bags? Yes, yes, yes!

Quick takeaway: Martha Stewart filled us in on some juicy hints at how to be successful. One quote that really stuck with me was, "When you're through changing, you're through." #micdrop🎤

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Liz Strom with the founder of Create & Cultivate, and the author of “Work Party”, Jaclyn Johnson

Liz Strom with the founder of Create & Cultivate, and the author of “Work Party”, Jaclyn Johnson

The 2019 Goddess Workshop Fundraiser

The 2019 Goddess Workshop at the Women's Day Retreat at The Zen Lounge in Manassas was outstanding!

Real, empowering, uplifting, eye-opening, informative, fun, & so much more! 🌟 #thegoddessworkshop

Yoga, meditation, noshing on the most delicious plant-based lunch, wellness vendor exhibits, impromptu soulful singing, fun dancing, self-care tips, life coaching, real-you talk, & more.

This year’s Goddess Workshop’s proceeds directly benefited women in a local shelter. Ebony Lambert (One With Ebony), Eileen Carlucci (Redesign Your Life, Life Coach), Liz Strom (Life/Career Coach and Founder of The Goddess Workshop), and Endira Stewart (SolJars) facilitated the day’s workshops and perspective-shifting talks. Such a talented group of powerhouse women!

Look out for what @zemzevents has in store: top-notch, authentic, heart-centered, beauteous times ahead!


4 Steps to Goal-Reaching Success

Published! 🌟
Thank you, @aurorazenlife Magazine, for sharing my "4 Steps to Goal-Reaching Success"! 💛

While thumbing through the beautiful pages, I found other holistic businesses near me (LOVE) and the most interesting, life-touching stories. I am so very grateful for this publication's dedication to self-development, wellness, and community care.
📸 My desk in DC
Blue Print Tie Neck Blouse by @dereklam


I lost most of my vision six years ago today.

I was in a lot of pain, I was proactive about my care, I was in and out of the ER and my doctors' offices, the doctors didn't know what was going on, and I ended up with complete blindness in my right eye and lost peripheral vision in the left.

One ER doctor even gave me his work cell number so, when I figured out what was happening, I could text him my diagnosis.

I lost the ability to drive, walk alone at night, go into a movie theatre on my own, read without magnification, view a menu without readers and/or techie gadgets, and more.

It should have gone differently. It should have been textbook to my doctors. I shouldn't have lost my vision.

I won't go into the details of how doctors would send me everywhere and I didn't get answers, or how this all could have been taken care of if one doctor did what they were supposed to do. This post is about something different.

I'm a very independent person. Imagine how I feel / felt when I could no longer drive, when I walk into walls, when I trip over small things because I can't see them, when I miss the cup entirely when trying to pour the creamer (depth perception), how I can't see highlighter yellow, etc. Imagine.

At some point, I realized that--- instead of feeling sorry for myself and being mad--- I have to reconstruct my life with a new perspective. Losing my vision SUCKS (every day of the week) but I can't improve my vision, so I changed my perspective.

I live my life out loud-- EVERY 👏 SINGLE 👏 DAY 👏.

I can't see, but I have a heart of gold with the ability to help others, I love to have fun, know what I want, know what doesn't matter as much, and I shape my life the way it feels best for me. #selfcare #joy

When you feel like life shifts and you don't have all the control, shift your perspective. Life will throw a hell of a lot of lemons at you, sometimes those lemons will knock you TF out, but you are stronger than those lemons.

Live your life! Feel like something's missing? Create it! Feel like people aren't there for you? Invest in people who matter to you and WILL be there for you! Feel like you can't do something? Try again or try something else!

P.S. It's true. When you lose one sense, another heightens. I lost vision, but now my intuition and sense of smell are spectacular. ❤️

Liz Strom | The Wing | Washington, D.C. | 2019

Liz Strom | The Wing | Washington, D.C. | 2019


I am a double-organ transplant survivor and I've found a way to support organ donors, transplant recipients, AND their caregivers!!! Are you ready to #BeTheHero? 🌟

I received a kidney+pancreas on June 1st, 2013 from a dear soul who passed away. He was only 22 and was already signed up to be an organ donor. Most of us don't think about dying and giving at that age, but he had. 💛 He saved my life. Friends wondered why I hadn't approached them about needing a kidney. It's not like I would ever approach someone and say, "Oh, hey! Would you give a kidney to me? I need one to survive. MmKay, thanks." It doesn't work that way. But it does work this way...

A living donor can get the support they need at the same time as they give!!! The American Transplant Foundation exists to save lives by supporting donors, transplant recipients, AND their families! Since it's #GivingTuesday, this is one I hope you'll support. Help us reach our end-of-year goal! Please consider donating whatever amount you can give today. 💛

Some of you may be thinking, "Liz, why do you still ask about organ donation? You have your organs."- Yes, but I received my organs from a cadaver donor (someone who passed away), so my kidney is said to last between 8-12 years. I'll need another transplant surgery, but not even tomorrow is guaranteed. I'm more than half way through that mark, healthy, and so grateful. I think about this often.

We have to do what we can for one another: people in need, people who need an organ transplant to survive, people willing to donate, their families, etc. It all matters. 💛 Will you #BeTheHero? 💛

Please Consider Donating:


No Tricks - All Treats

Believe in Yourself 💛 

Yesterday was Halloween, and a very hectic but beautiful day. I met with my amazing clients, ran back and forth from DC, and noticed my body really needing a pick-me-up. I crawled into one of my favorite places to grab a fresh Açaí berry bowl and came across this sign.

Not only did I nourish my body, this fueled my spirit.
On this Halloween, I made sure to treat myself (no tricks).

Fueling our mind, body, & spirit on a regular basis is SO important. In order to keep up with the pace we desire in life, we have to start on a cellular level: hydrate, consume nutrient-dense foods, keep moving, breathe deeply, stretch, etc.

Then, we must fuel our mind: read, be curious about the world, research, ask questions, etc.

Not forgetting our spirit: connect with others, volunteer, pray, sing, speak positively into the universe, love yourself, seek out positivity, and more.

Visiting SouthBlock raised my mind, body, soul vibe higher than I had originally intended, and I'm so glad I visited (again)! What are your favorite ways to fuel yourself? 

P.S. South Block, thank you for the many PBJ Açaí Berry Bowls over these last 6 months!

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Liz Strom at South Block, October 31, 2018 | Photograph by Rolo

Liz Strom at South Block, October 31, 2018 | Photograph by Rolo

Find Your Oasis

Find your oasis ☑️ 

You’ll find yourself in places you don’t want to be, with people who you may not favor, dealing with situations that are less than ideal. When you’re done doing what you need to do (or even while in the midst of things), find a place where you can collect your thoughts, breathe, and refocus.

Remember your purpose, your core values, and how you want to feel. Do those things that help you to feel the way you *want* to feel, in the places that bring you joy, even if that place is within you...

Pictured: Practicing what I preach! Taking a breather from the hustle of the city in Bryant Park.
Blue lace sheath dress by @keepsakethelabel 




When it sounds like someone is blaming you for something, it's a reflection of what's going on inside of them...

There are many instances for which blame is what it is: someone did something / people did something / a group did something. It can be very black and white.

When someone blames you for doing this-and-that, be aware of how you're feeling when you're blamed. The traits we tend to dislike in others are usually traits we do not like about ourselves / our past. The same for those who are placing the blame on you / others. These need to be healed.

We have to be held accountable for our own actions, our own feelings, our own outcomes. Hold yourself accountable.

Do not blame unless you're ready to face those consequences. When you're blamed, take a step back and examine what's really happening.

Heal. Live. Keep going. 💛

Photography by Juan Pablo Cadenas | IG @juanpsa

Photography by Juan Pablo Cadenas | IG @juanpsa

Xccelerate: Entrepreneurs Moving Forward

We had a fantastic time at XCCELERATE (Entrepreneurs Moving Forward), all thanks to a vibrant group of speakers offering immensely valuable information to workshop attendees! 🌟 | | #bizvip 🌟

Featured speakers: 
🌟Ramsey Mourad, Infinity Compass
🌟Randall Gafner, Zen and the Art of Making a Morris Chair
🌟Heike Yates. Pursue Your Spark Podcast /
🌟Aurelia Flores, Athena Digital Marketing Strategists
🌟Cory Brim, Sugar Rim Bar
🌟Eduardo Villavicencio, Gallup-certified Strengths Coach
🌟Wanita Niehaus, Powerhaus Consultants
🌟Liz Strom, Creative Calm Solutions LLC / espressofied .

The next Xccelerate will be an intensive, multi-day set of workshops at the very end of December. Learn how to develop your own business, write your business plan, finance it, market it well, and much more!🌟 .  | Instagram:  @dcbizx | Instagram: @dcbizx

Career Change: Weigh Your Options

Have you been thinking about leaving your job for a new position? Have you contemplated switching fields? Ever wonder what it’d be like to change career paths? Do you feel overwhelmed when thinking about a change of scenery? Sit down for ten minutes and give yourself the time to weigh your options. 

Grab a piece of paper and answer the following questions:
-What would be the pros of leaving your position? 
-What would be the cons? 
-How would you benefit from staying? 
-What benefits would come if you left? 
-What have you been interested in doing for a living? 
-What would you never want to do again? 
-What lights you up? 
-What weighs you down? 
-Who could you reach out to that could provide further information to you in regards to the positions you’re interested in? 
-What are your salary requirements? 
-What benefits are important to you? 

Write down your answers and start looking for available positions, according to your work-life preferences. 

It doesn’t hurt to look around! If your gut is telling you it’s time to leave, listen. If it’s only about more money, think harder... 💛 

Liz Strom


Getting Lit(erary)

Getting lit(erary) with the Librarian of Congress, Dr. Carla Hayden!

Dr. Hayden's energy is amazing. She is strong, kind, compassionate, idealistic as well as realistic, dedicated to service, witty, a great storyteller, and much more. Sitting with her and listening to her speak of the fascinations within our national treasure chest felt similar to that of a kindergartener's experience during story time. I was completely enthralled by her presence and clinging on to her informative talk about what valuables lay within the walls of the Library of Congress. Dr. Hayden makes you feel as if you are an entrusted friend, just hanging out with her on a beautiful day, telling you about her favorite books (at different times in her life). 

Did you know 26 strands of Beethoven's hair is stored in the LC? Oh, there's more...
Not only will you find 838 miles of bookshelves there, you'll also find amazements like Rosa Parks' hand-written papers, the handwritten Giant Bible of Mainz, a preserved piece of Tom Thumb's wedding cake, Amelia Earhart's hand imprint, Thomas Jefferson's hair, James Madison's hair, and more is coming! Approximately 15K items are acquired daily.

It was an absolute honor to be in her presence, and to hear her stories about all the treasures within the USLC! What a momentous evening!

Librarian of Congress.jpg

I'm Featured in a Magazine!

I'm featured in a premier holisitc-living publication in Northern VA: Aurora Zen Lifestyle Magazine!

This magazine's team is passionate about bringing their readers life hacks for an organic, holistic, healthy lifestyle. The Editor-in-Chief is a heart-centered small business owner with community in mind.  

The article is about why people don't follow through with what they say they'll do, and how to actually follow-through! Pick up a copy to check out this high-quality publication in Northern VA! Don't live in Northern VA / Washington DC, contact the magazine to have one sent to you (click here).

Aurora Zen Lifestyle Magazine - July 2018 Issue

Aurora Zen Lifestyle Magazine - July 2018 Issue

Celebrate Your Joy

I had the opportunity to attend #CapitalPride yesterday here in Washington DC, and ohhhh how FUN it was to just BE!

People from all around the nation danced in the streets as they rocked their rainbow gear. Vendors provided crowd-go’ers with lots of great freebies and taught attendees about how to live their happiest, most healthiest lives. Free hugs were offered, dance music rocked our Sunday, and people celebrated what matters the most: LOVE and living the most authentic expression of themselves possible.

The bigger your heart, the more it will hold. One thing remains: LOVE IS LOVE. 

Celebrate who you are as a person. Live your life as authentically as possible. Leave a lot of room for learning and joyous opportunities. Notice what’s not right in the world, learn from it, and create ways to counter that in effective, positive forms. BeYOUtiful. 🌟

Liz Strom

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Playing in the rainbow that was brought to Capital Pride by Hilton!

Playing in the rainbow that was brought to Capital Pride by Hilton!

Talk about it!

Talk about it! 🌟
Engage in meaningful conversations to create change. Bring light to subjects that are bothersome and not right in the world. Voice your concerns, listen to others, brainstorm the many ways by which we can make positive waves.

If you don’t speak up, who will? Who else has to endure what you have? Why does it have to go on much longer? What step can you take towards the solution? Who can you reach out to? Where can these productive conversations take place? You are a part of the answer...


So very grateful for Thursday night’s discourse at The Wing in Washington DC with Chief of Staff Rhonda Foxx (D) & Chief of Staff Jennifer DeCasper (R), moderated by the wise DeDe Lea (Viacom, Executive VP, Global Government Relations). These women are nothing short of amazing in their efforts to “be” the difference!