Why It All Starts With YOU

It's Monday. You hit the snooze on your alarm a few times before getting up, finally will your way out of bed, wake up the kids, throw together breakfast so everyone can get a move on, throw some clothes on, pile everyone into the car, and get your day going. You drop the kids off at school quickly, race down the road to work, walk-in and plop yourself down at your desk. You made it on time, there are no problems to face, yet… you still feel disheveled. Your co-workers seem to pass you, and each other, by and do the same at their desks. You wonder what you're doing at a job that you so desperately sought after a few years ago...

Why the long face? Shouldn't this be an amazing life? You have a great house, beautiful children, food to put on the table, a job, co-workers, and Starbucks in front of you, but you're not happy.

We can break it all down, but in short: it all begins with you.

When you operate at a higher level / vibration, others will take on that energy too. People will seem to operate at a similarly higher level / vibration, therefore making life feel that much more vibrant. You'll start to feel more gratitude towards what your day (life!) has to offer, and you won't feel that sense of lack. 

How to operate at a higher-level / vibration? Break your day down and take baby steps with each task. Give each task a little more "oomph", and watch the mundane transform. Get a little more sleep at night so you don't feel like snoozing to an alarm. When you wake up your kids, do it with a little more love and sunshine (they'll feel it and will wake up feeling the sunshine from all angles!). Make breakfast with great gratitude that you HAVE food and can nourish your little ones, and yourself, with delicious delights. Dress yourself according to what you want to feel like during the day. Since you're not running late, you won't feel like rushing the kids into the car and hurrying off to school. Speak loving words when you drop your children off. Say "hi" with a smile (& mean it) when you walk into work. By the time you get to your desk, you'll be feeling light and prepared to get things moving! Your co-workers will feel your energy and be drawn to it. The sunshine you bring in will be infectious, therefore spreading to the environment around you, making for a positive day. 

Things will happen during the day that could bring the vibration downwards, but you have control over how you deal with these situations / people. It beings with you. Keep it up, and watch things transform!



Gratitude, Awareness, & Abundance

Wedding Bells, Samosa Bites, Glittery Henna, and… 

On Sunday, I had the pleasure of bouncing around at a wedding expo with a close friend of mine. We gathered freebie trinkets from exhibitors, noshed on samples of scrumptious appetizers from international caterers, wrapped ourselves in beautiful silk scarves, and chatted it up with smiley-faced vendors from all over the world. There was dance music, mood-shifting uplighting, lavish decor, amber candlelight, and scores of excited brides getting glittery mehndi / henna designs drawn onto their hands. Afterwards, my friend and I left, played outside in the colorful Fall foliage, pretended to have a mini photo shoot by the trees, and rummaged through our exciting expo "swag bags". It was like Halloween as a kid all over again! I had a bag full of goodies, was out of breath from running through the trees, and I was excited to see what goodies awaited me! 

When I returned home, I dumped my goody bag out onto my bed and paused. I took a deep breath, smiled, and thanked God for all I had just experienced. I was so full of gratitude and had to let it fully be acknowledged before continuing my evening.

I closed my eyes and let the day really sink in.

As I recounted each experience of the day, my heart grew even warmer. My breath slowed and became very steady, my smile widened, my soul radiated a blinding golden light, and my mind's eye saw flashes of excerpts of the day in such vibrancy! It was as if I were seeing my afternoon replay again in brilliant cinematic form with FEELING. GREAT BEAUTIFUL JOYOUS FREE-FLOWING FEELING. 
My acknowledgement of my happiness made my happy-state even longer-lived. 

When you're happy, acknowledge that happiness by honoring what/who it is that makes you joyous. Bring yourself to specifically identify those instances in your life that you are truly grateful for and make it a habit to give heart-felt recognition to all that warms you. Gratitude isn't just a quality of being thankful… it's a practice that is life-infusing!

I guarantee you: Once you identify the people and things in your life that you ARE thankful for, your mind, body, heart, and soul will respond.
 You'll FEEL better and will start to notice other things you're thankful for. It's like a domino effect!

With so much love, light, and gratitude for you,


De-Cluttering Your Life: Begin With De-Cluttering Your Home!

Recently, I had the pleasure of working with a client who lives thousands of miles away from me. Her goals were to de-clutter her life so she could focus on the important things. As we began our Skye session, I felt her anxiety as she walked through her home, showing me the areas in which she felt were too "restricting" and why she wanted to move out of what-was-once her dream home.

As she walked through the halls, up her stairs, and into her room, her anxiety seemed to increase.. I then knew it was time for me to help her with her living space before we could deep-dive! She began by telling me that she wasn't comfortable with changing things around so much, and didn't want to throw away a lot. We found a TON of compromises and she felt GREAT afterwards! I cannot give specific details, but here are some tips on de-cluttering your home in simple, realistic ways… until you're ready to really purge & cleanse!

Simple things you should toss / recycle: expired food items, sauce jars that have been in the fridge past their "use by" date, old sauce packets (soy sauce, ketchup, hot mustard, duck sauce, you know what I'm talking about!), plastic utensils that are bent and unusable, really old salt & pepper packets, post-its that no longer need attention, pens that no longer work, empty toothpaste tubes, boxes that you think you'll use at some point but never do, old telephone books, old take-out menus, ancient business cards & brochures, t-shirts and socks with stains and holes in them, old sunblock, old newspapers & magazines, old cords that you haven't the slightest ideas what they go to (& you've been saving them, just in case), old make-up, old brushes, etc.

Things you can donate: clothes that you no longer fit into, clothes that no longer suit you, clothes that you think you'll wear but never do, handbags that have been in your closet without use in over a year, scarves that you keep because they're beautiful but you don't wear, clean stuffed animals, board games you have no intention of ever opening, belts, DVDs, books you haven't picked up in forever, etc.

Open up your space: place furniture so that it opens up the room, use lighter decor (carpets, draperies, couches, tables, lighter wood, glass), open the blinds / drapes, add in green plants and flowers, etc.!

Organize: arrange your books on those shelves by height, re-do your closet each season, re-organize the dishes in your cabinets, rearrange the food items in your pantry according to how they make sense to you, etc.

These are just a few things you can do.
Happy de-cluttering!

P.S. This illustration is great if you'd like to use a bit of Feng Shui to bring positivity to your home! Enjoy!

Feng Shui chart for bringing positivity into the home, for different purposes, with different colors and materials.

Feng Shui chart for bringing positivity into the home, for different purposes, with different colors and materials.

A Mini-Story Told By My Sikh Uber Driver

I am blessed to come across so many interesting souls as I travel, work, network, shop... and take Uber! About two weeks ago, I came across a beautiful spirit who drove me from my daughter's school, home.

This gentle Sikh man looked at me in his rear-view mirror and said, "I can tell you're a very good person. I think you help people, right?". This, of course, made me smile the biggest, most cheesiest smile that week. I looked at him and replied, "I hope so! I do what I can for my family, friends, clients, and whoever I come in contact with!". He smiled largely and told me a story that  "suits me well". It's so worth sharing and I hope you enjoy this as much as I did!

"A boy and his mother walked into a pharmacy. The shop keeper looked at the chubby boy and smiled. The boy smiled back, then the shop owner offered him candy. "Come, boy. Take as much candy as you want. Go ahead, take!". The boy looked into the jar, then looked at the man and said: "I don't want to take from you, sir. Can you give it to me instead?". The man smiled and agreed. He took candy from the jar and placed the handful into the boy's bag.

The mother, watching all of this, got upset with her son. "Why did you make him do that?!? You should have just taken from the jar! He was giving something to you!". The boy replied, "Look at my hands. They are very small, and his are very big. Whenever I take, I get very little. Whenever I receive, it's bigger than what I can take!". The man and his mother smiled and had to nod in agreement, and they were all very happy."

The Uber driver continued to say, "Whenever God puts something in your hands, it's more than we can take alone from life. Open your hands and your heart, and you will receive. You will give it away, and you will receive some more. That's what you do."

So much inspiration and love was given in this short 4 minute ride. :)