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The Desire Map

By Danielle LaPorte | Facilitated by Liz Strom
... where spirit meets matter as you aim for what you want in life.
Practical. Meaningful. Real.
The Deisre Map will help you turn your ambitions inside out.

You want it and you want it bad. 
Aspiring. Hoping. Plotting. Recurring. Reaching. Bubbling beneath your surface.
You crave it — and it craves you. So you make a plan to get it. A to-do list. The bucket list. Quarterly objectives. Strategy. Accountability. The goal.

Except . . .
You’re not chasing the goal itself, you’re actually chasing a feeling.

We have the procedures of achievement upside down. We go after the stuff we want to have, get, accomplish, and experience outside of ourselves. And we hope, yearn, pray that we’ll be fulfilled when we get there. It’s backwards. It’s outside in. And it’s running us in circles.

What if, first, we got clear on how we actually wanted to feel in our life, and then we laid out our intentions? What if your most desired feelings consciously informed how you plan your day, your year, your career, your holidays — your life?

You know what will happen with that kind of inner clarity and outer action? You’ll feel the way you want to feel more often than not. Decisions will be easier to make: You’ll know what to say no, thank you to and what to say hell yes! to. I bet you’ll complain less. You’ll be more optimistic, more open-hearted. It will be easier for you to return to your center in the midst of a challenge — I promise.

You will do much less proving, and way more living.
And you will have more to give to the world.
For starters.

Welcome to The Desire Map.
~Danielle LaPorte

Liz Strom, The Desire Map, Licensed Facilitator

Liz Strom, The Desire Map, Licensed Facilitator

The Desire Map is holistic life planning. Here's how it works:

  • We'll uncover your core desired feelings— they'll be your new North Star for living a soul-centered life
  • You'll learn how to identify expectations you've picked up from your parents, the Joneses, the media, or the imaginary "they" you're always trying to impress
  • We'll use guided reflections to go deep into what your soul is trying to tell you through your core desired feelings
  • I'll show you how to tune into critical signals from your instincts, your body, and the people around you
  • We'll apply Desire Mapping to all the major areas of your life—livelihood & lifestyle, body & wellness, creativity & learning, relationships & society, and essence & spirituality
  • You'll learn how to create practical plans with daily, weekly, and monthly actions that will bring more and more of your core desired feelings into your life
  • I'll be sharing poetry, stories, and inspirational truths to help you stay in touch with the sweetness of life

You'll make this process your own. It's not a one-size-fits-all deal. You'll create your Desire Map in the way that lets your soul speak loud and clear in every day of your life.

Feeling good along the way to your goals doesn't mean you won't need to work your ass off—but when you do, you'll do the work joyously. You'll be creating goals that are life-affirming, nourishing, practical, forgiving, and true to who you are.

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